About Us

You’re a busy parent who’s doing it all…

You’re giving your best to your family, trying to provide nutritious and wholesome meals, juggling your children’s needs, and trying to fit in time for yourself as well.

As a parent you’re always putting others needs first, trying to find the balance with self care and a yearning for simplicity, as well as connection to community and your natural surrounds.

This is the juggling act that lead us to create Branch & Burrow….

… a deep need for simple wholesome food, knowing that even when we were time poor we were eating nutritious food to fuel our bodies. A drive to connect with our community, support the local economy, and put down deep roots.

My name is Suz, and in 2018 we left our fast paced life and moved from 5 acres to 50 acres in Braidwood, with my husband Trent, and our son Ollie. We wanted a slower more intentional life, to grow our own food or source it as close to home as possible. The same year, our son Leo joined the family, and we worked hard on starting a veggie garden, and building coops to house our new Heritage breed chickens.

We chose Australorp chickens as they suit our climate, are robust and have a temperament suited to family life, are a dual purpose chicken that provide nutritious eggs for many, many years, all whilst improving our soils and pasture. We’ve since added a few other heritage breeds, and our son Ollie has also raised some ducks, and we’ve added their eggs into our diet also.

In 2020 we trialled raising pasture raised chickens for meat, and started offering our delicious pasture raised chickens to our local community in 2021. With the addition of Dorper, White Dorper and Aussie White Sheep, we’ve also added pasture raised lamb to our repertoire, whilst adding another element to our regenerative farming journey.

We’ve enjoyed sharing our food with friends and family, and we get great pleasure from creating wholesome food created from the food we produce here, and other local producers. We feel at ease knowing we are feeding our family nutritious and wholesome food.

We are delighted to be able to offer our pasture raised meat and our eggs to our local community…

Pasture Raised

Healthy, Robust & Ethically Raised

Local & Community

Sense of Community & Low Food Miles

Regenerative Practices

Committed to Land Regeneration

At Branch & Burrow we strive to:

  • Produce nutrient dense food
  • Value and care for the animals and provide them with a happy healthy life
  • Respect and nurture the land we inhabit
  • Use the principles and practises of Regenerative Agriculture and Permaculture
  • Connect with community
  • Support our local economy
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