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Pasture Raised

Healthy, Robust & Ethically Raised

Local & Community

Sense of Community & Low Food Miles

Regenerative Practices

Committed to Land Regeneration

Our chicken

Grown slowly with love & respect on our diverse chemical free pastures

  • Started in our brooder pens and fed fresh grass from Day 1
  • On fresh pasture 24/7 from around 3 weeks of age
  • Fed a balanced Australian grown grain mix with no antibiotics or hormones
  • Processed with care at Tablelands Premier Meats with no Chlorine 

Our passion is raising animals with love and care, and producing food that is wholesome and full of nutrients. Raising our chickens on pasture full time from around their 3rd week, means they have access to a diverse range of pasture species, get to lay in the sunshine and feel the breeze across their feathers. From week 3 to 6 we move them daily, and they chirp with excitement ready to run onto the fresh grass and chase bugs. From weeks 6 to 9 they are moved twice a day ensuring there is plenty of fresh grass to go around. Their scratching and droppings help to boost our soil and pasture health. We grow them slowly to develop flavour, texture and size, and they can be purchased whole, or in packs of cuts. We also sell frames, feet and livers. They can be purchased from our Farm Store and pickups from the farm, Braidwood, Bungendore & Canberra.

Our Lamb

Pasture raised and handled with care & respect

  • We raise hair sheep breeds, Dorper, White Dorper & Aussie Whites on our diverse chemical free pastures.
  • Moved onto fresh pasture every 4-10 days to maximise animal & soil health
  • Grain free and handled with low stress handling techniques
  • Processed locally & packaged with mixed cuts in 5kg boxes

We chose these low maintenance breeds because of their suitability for our region, to minimise the need for docking and crutching, and because we believe the quality of their meat when raised on pasture is both delicious and nutritious. We move them every 4-10 days to maximise soil & pasture health, and also the health of our sheep. We’ve spent a lot of time handling our sheep quietly, so that they come running when they see us, and they will follow us up into the sheep yards, and for paddock moves. Our herd alpacas help to protect our ewes and lambs from predators. Our lambs are taken to a local abattoir and butcher for processing, and packaged into mixed 5kg boxes that can be purchased from our Farm Store and pickups direct from the farm, Braidwood, Bungendore and Canberra. 

Interested in delicious local pasture raised meat or eggs? View our online Farm Store