Pasture Raised Chicken Livers


Pasture raised chicken livers, perfect for a nutritious pâté! Our chickens are grown slowly with love & respect on our chemical free pastures in Braidwood

Limited numbers available, pack livers 500g

Pre-order a bag of fresh chicken livers for $10

  • Braidwood town pickup: Saturday 22nd January 11am-midday
  • Bungendore Southern Harvest contactless pickup: Saturday 22nd January 10:30-11:30am
  • Canberra City Farm pickup: Saturday 22nd January 1-2pm
  • Farm pickup (9km from Braidwood): Sunday 23rd January 10am-midday
  • Sage Farmers Market pickup: Tuesday 25th January 3:30-4:30pm

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We are excited to offer our delicious pasture raised chicken to our current and new customers. Locally grown on our small family farm, on fresh chemical free pasture ’24/7′ from around 3 weeks of age. We grow them slowly to develop flavour, texture and size. As well as being on pasture, they are fed a balanced grain mix with no antibiotics, and they spend their days chasing bugs and enjoying the sunshine. Our chickens are processed in a small family run facility without the use of Chlorine.

Limited numbers available, an approximately 500g bag of chicken livers.

Pickup locations: Braidwood, Bungendore & Canberra. 

Pop your name and email in below to find out when the next pre-orders are available.

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