Pasture Raised Lamb Box


Our popular pasture raised lamb boxes are back!

What do you get in a box? Approximately 5kg of pasture raised lamb in mixed cuts. This minimises any waste and we ensure everyone gets an even value of cuts in their box.

All our lambs are raised here at Branch & Burrow on our beautiful chemical free pastures, and handled with low stress handling techniques. We move them onto fresh pasture every 4-10 days and use holistic management to regenerate our farm and treat them with love and respect.

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We are so excited to offer our popular pasture raised lamb boxes again. They will be a great reflection of our diverse pastures and the wonderfully abundant season we’ve had. If you miss out on a box this time, we are planning a much more regular supply in 2022.

Where can you pick up your lamb?

Braidwood town pickup (nearby to the Farmers Market – I’ll text you with the exact address when I park): 9-9:45 am Saturday 6th November

Bungendore (outside Southern Harvest Market): 10:30am-11:30am Saturday 6th November

Canberra City Farm pickup: Saturday 6th November 1:00pm-1:45pm

Farm contactless pickup: Saturday 6th November 10am-12pm

Farm contactless pickup: Sunday 7th November 10am-12pm

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